About this Website


This website is a developing database of artists who have created or are currently creating performances (action art, live art, happenings and socially engaged art) in Eastern Europe.

From 2013-2016 I traveled throughout Eastern Europe, conducting research for my monograph Performance Art in Eastern Europe since 1960 (Manchester University Press, 2017), and this website also serves as a documentation of my travels to the region, to meet and interview artists, curators, art historians and critics.

I am currently in the process of expanding the site, adding more artists, and eventually voice and video files of interviews, and images.

The idea for this website came from a conversation I had with Baiba Tetere, a friend and colleague who is a researcher of Latvian and Baltic photography. I told her about a blog entry I wrote for IB Tauris, “The Trouble With Living Artists,” documenting some of the adventures I had interviewing artists for my first book. She suggested blogging the adventures that were yet to come.

From there I had the idea to include not only a blog, but an entry about each artist that I met, to create an impromptu database of artists who do or have done performance or performative works in the region. I hope that it will be used as a resource by others who share my interest in performance art.

For the entries about the artists, I draw on my experience as a freelance journalist when I was living in Latvia. The entries are meant to be enjoyable to read, not necessarily academic. They also constitute my impressions following my meetings with the artists. I invite comments and feedback from the artists themselves, and anyone who knows their work. I consider it a living archive, as I would like to add to it and change it as I receive feedback.

For a more formal summary of my research on this topic, which started with this blog, please see my book, Performance Art in Eastern Europe since 1960 (Manchester University Press, 2017). (also available on amazon)

I have recently migrated this site from another server, so there may be glitches in the appearance of certain pages; please bear with me as I work to fix this!

Thanks for reading!